How do I renew a domain that is in Redemption Period?

When your domain expires more than 29 days, it will enter RedemptionPeriod phase.

Renewal during RedemptionPeriod is costly, both in fees (RM750) and in paperwork. For this reason it is very important that you renew your domain before the expiry (or, in the worst case, within 29 days after expiry date).

Please note that the large REDEMPTION PERIOD renewal fee (RM750) is a result of Registry policy and cannot be waived. The whole fees (100%) will go directly to Registry (not NetKL).

RedemptionPeriod phase is normally 30 days (from 30th day to 69th day, after expiry date).

However, anybody can purchase this domain at a much higher price (thru auction) within this period.

If nobody buys that domain (thru auction) until 69th day, it will become  available for registration by other parties on 80th day.

If you have a domain that is in REDEMPTION PERIOD and wish to renew it, please make payment (of RM750) a.s.a.p & contact immediately, before somebody buys it (thru auction).

We will raise an invoice for your immediate attention, and when it is paid, we will instruct the Registry to restore the domain. This process can take approximately 3-4 business days, after we receive your payment notification.

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