How to Re-cover Wordpress Password

If you've forgotten your Wordpress password, and are unable to login into Admin area to manage data/content, you can easily recover your password by following the following guidelines :

1) Create/convert your new password, thru this URL :

2) Login into cPanel, and get into  PhpMyAdmin (refer picture below).
recover password
3) Choose Wordpress database. (refer picture below).
4) Browse into WP-Users table. (refer picture below).
5) Choose user that you would like to modify. (refer picture below).
6) Key-in your new password into 'user_pass' field, then, click on 'GO' button to SAVE. Then, you should be able to login into wordpress by using new password. (refer picture below).


P/S : This guidelines can also be used on other software, such as Joomla, PhpBB, etc.
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