Frequently-Asked-Questions (FAQs)

A website is now an integral part of any business. Any business without a website today is like a business without a telephone 30 years ago. Nowadays, people expect all businesses to have a website.

Typically, your prospects may use search engines like Google & Yahoo to find your website when seeking information about your products and services that your business offers. If they cant find your website, they may well choose other companies.

You will need a Domain Name and Hosting.
If the below factors are important & critical to your business, NetKL will not disappoint you :

i) Excellent server uptime
ii) Email/Call support - 24x7
iii) Hosting price - affordable & worth it - every hosting plan comes with 1 FREE domain for life*!
iv) Domain price - the cheapest in Malaysia.
We have various hosting plans. One of them may suit your needs. When your business grows, you can always upgrade your hosting plan to a bigger one.

Check out our hosting plans here : Shared Hosting, Reseller Package, Dedicated Server, others.

If you want to use your domain with FREE hosting (blogspot), you can buy our CDS Blogger Plan plan.

If you already have a hosting, and need to buy just a domain only, click HERE.
Just follow these simple steps :

1) Register your name (skip this step, if you are already our existing client)
2) Login to your Client Area
3) Place your Order
4) Receive your Invoice
5) Make payment
6) Notify us via LiveChat or Email (

Kindly include your payment details, like :
Bank Name :
Amount :
Purpose of payment :
Domain Name :
Invoice Number (if any) :
Generally, after receiving your payment details above, we will activate your order, update your account, and reply your email within 10-15 minutes.

If you buy new hosting & new domain with us, you will receive your cPanel/FTP account information in your Inbox in 10-15 minutes, where you can start installing/uploading your website immediately. The subject of the email is 'Your cPanel Account Information'. (If it's not in your Inbox, it might have gone to your SPAM folder. Kindly check)

If you buy a new hosting with us, but use your old domain bought from other hosting company, you will receive your cPanel/FTP account information in your Inbox in 10-15 minutes, HOWEVER, longer time may be required (from 12-72 hours) before you can start using your cPanel/FTP. This is to allow the new nameservers to fully update in WWW. If you can't wait that long, and need to install/upload your website urgently, you can alternatively use IP address to access your cPanel/FTP temporarily. This info can be obtained in our email with subject 'Your cPanel Account Information'. (If it's not in your Inbox, it might have gone to your SPAM folder. Kindly check)

If you buy our CDS Blogger Plan plan (with new domain), the setup will be done within 10-15 minutes only. However, it will take from 2-3 hours before your domain can function properly with your blogspot.

If you buy a domain only, with the intention to use it as an addon domain in your existing hosting, please make sure that you key-in the correct nameservers when making the order, so that it can work/function faster (around 1-2 hours). If you change these nameservers only AFTER your domain has been activated, it will then require longer time to function well with your hosting (i.e around 12-24 hours).

For other purchases (like services/addons, package upgrade, etc), your account will be updated ASAP, within few minutes.
When you click on your domain name, and your website appears empty like this, this means your hosting is functioning properly, and is ready to be installed with any webtemplate, or, uploaded with your website contents you have pre-designed.

There are 4 ways to design your website : Click HERE
You can create unlimited email IDs : (refer HERE)

You can also :
- create a subdomain
- create a MySQL database
- use File Manager to upload/download data
- park a domain
- create an add-on domain
- use webmail from within cPanel
- manage MySQL databases with PHPMyAdmin
- trace an email address
- change your cPanel Style

All the above video tutorials can be obtained HERE.
If you have any other questions, you may refer our KnowledgeBase (KB) HERE.